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OET備試及 題目sharing

last update 20.5.2018
2018年9月 OET 有所改變

Tips for taking OET
1 Spelling for reading & writing DOES matter
NOT for listening
2 speaking 話唔考medical or nursing knowledge
it's not necessary for you to learn all diseases
BUT it's certainly a benefit for speaking somehow....
As you'll speak with more confidence & make the conversation more interactive!

我準備OET時間個幾月. 除咗做 test paper, 會上網睇下有關health 文章/video. 揾朋友幫我改文. 每日都會做 role play(有護士/教英文/英語比自己好0既幫忙,當然好啦. 無的話, 連我老公英文麻麻,我都會揾佢練.), 另外錄低,聽返自己有咩可改善.

9 apr 2016
My speaking scenario 1
setting: community health Fu.an elderly discharged from hospital after pneumonia.she live alone. Stay at home most of the time. 1.Assess her coping. Medication: Ab tid with meal, aspirin daily.
2 ask about exercise.refer physiotherapy if necessary
3 assess if she manage cooking, washing etc. Refer home help

Scenario 2
Hospital day ward
Pt will have surgery. GA NEED INTUBATION.She has nail polish
1. Ask when she fast
2. Ask allergies,denture, SOB, exercise, difficulty walking stairs, smoking
pt unwilling to remove denture, explain to her
3. Remove jewellery / glass/ contact lens
TELL risk of injuries and INTUBATION

Listening: contraceptives

7 oct 2017(朋友提供)
Listening is about tonsillitis n leukemia
Writing is different from the past paper
Writing a referral letter from a gp's nurse to a day surgery center for the arrangement of colonoscopy
Talking With a mother of 4year boy who is undergrowth in a clinic
Talking with an old man about his ulcer dressing during home visit

4 nov 2017(朋友提供)
Writing: Cellulitis with ulcer, ward nurse refer to clinic nurse for ulcer Mx

Speaking: 1) 有位男士knee受傷有wound,要說服佢停止exercise,同一d wound care
2) 有位老人家fracture左,教佢cast care,同要留意d乜咁

1. Extraction of worm, infection care
2. BPPV and postural vertigo, provides education

Listening: about HIV

13.1.2018 (網友提供)
1)同我2016 Scenario 2 相同
2) ask a man who lost weight and became weak in few months to consult doctor and make an appointment for hm

11.2.2018  (網友提供)
1) you are a nurse in school clinic, a student has fungal skin infection. Explain what is it and persuade her to tell to her parent. Suggests other treatment or management.
2) you are a community nurse, a  patient has received the RT. Explain the side effects and reassure the cancer not to be permanent.
3. A man underwent a total hip surgery. Explain the care and the need to stay in rehabilitation hospital.
4n A man who are scheduled a hernia repair surgery two months later n I need to persuade him to stop smoking two months before the operation

 1. A 28-yr old accountant newly diagnosed type 1 DM
Shocked abt the diagnosis
Explain DM
And teach her how to inject the insulin by herself
2  A man undergone surgery for #right humerous, worrying abt wound care and dressing change after discharge
3. 50/M, flashing light in right eye, attend A&E, worrying abt retinal detachment.... Want dr to attend

4 One is a burn in right hand hand during working and the other is abdominal pain and waiting long in emergency department (QLD test center)

Writing: (網友提供,另外一位網友話,呢條 writing 題目同佢當年0既試題好似)
Referral letter to dietician

Patient was diagnosed with moderate-high risk for coronary heart disease

**patient came to health center.
Family hx: alzheimer’s disease
Father- diabetes
Mother- hypertension

Smoker(since 17, 25c/day)
Personal assistance-office work

Medical hx: Hypertension- minopril 20mg given 2x daily
Hyperlipidaemia- pravastatin 20mg at nocte

On examination: bp 140/70 suggestive of hypertension
High cholesterol
No regular exercise, no sports activity, no recreational activity
Obese BMI is 27

FBG ? - diabetes
Recommend to monitor diet
Encourage exercise program(walk x 30min x 5 times/week)
Weight loss(Ideal weight is 58kg BMI - 25)

Nsg Mgnt: recommend for FBG level tomorrow and local doctor to check results
Refer dietitan r/ diet, exercise, quit smoking.

blog 友 writing 報過OET online https://oetonline.net.au/  Speaking https://oetworkshop.com/. 大家可以考慮下.

Reading part A : MRSA
diabetes - self management and education
Hospital building - setting / planning

Part a : hypertension pt and his worries ( middle age)
B: radiotherapy

Speaking 我揾朋友Vikki 練,佢係英國人,英語教師.由於學生黎至世界各地,佢平時都係 Skype教學. Victoriajrowland@gmail.com 查詢費用,可告訴她透過 Fion Blog轉介.

Youtube 有唔少 OET 有用資料.
第一次考 OET就上手
2016 OET 職業英文考試經驗分享(针對寫作
OET 寫作B (2016雪梨考塲)
OET 聽說讀寫準備篇 

想要多d OET 資料,可以留言寫低你0既 gmail. 亦希望大家考完, 分享下你地0既 test questions. 祝一take pass!

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